PRESS RELEASE: Snyder calls for more renewable energy, efficiency in address

January 17, 2013

Snyder calls for more renewable energy, efficiency in address

Effective energy policy critical to Michigan’s future 

EAST LANSING – Policymakers must take a proactive role in strengthening Michigan’s renewable energy standard before the law expires in 2015, Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs said Thursday.

Governor Rick Snyder acknowledged this during his State of the State address by calling for a summit on energy and reiterated his commitment to renewable energy. During his special message on energy and the environment late last year, Snyder called for an increase to Michigan’s renewable energy standard.   

“In my special message on energy I talked about the need for a state long dialogue on what should be goals for energy efficiency and for renewables because I do believe in both those concepts and we should have a statewide dialogue in looking at the changes that need to be made by 2015 if not before. So let’s be proactive on it and let’s work together on that topic,” Snyder said Wednesday.

The Michigan Public Service Commission reported last year that the state’s major utilities are on track to meet the 10 percent by 2015 renewable energy standard. More than 30 other states, including Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota already have stronger renewable energy standards than Michigan.

“We must chart a course to achieving a higher renewable energy standard because doing so will create jobs, reduce our dependence on imported coal and foreign oil and give our state cleaner air and water,” said Mark Fisk, spokesman for Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs.  “An updated energy policy is critical to Michigan’s future, and we look forward to the robust dialogue and action in the coming months.”

The Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs coalition includes more than 300 small businesses, public health advocates, labor unions, environmental and conservation groups, the NAACP and faith leaders across the state.

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